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Border City Concrete ‘Batch Plant’ – Past Project

The original proposed construction of Border City Concrete has been revised into a two phase construction project with an overall project completion date for both phases in the year 2017. The following is a brief overview of each phase.

Phase One Construction: 2016/2017

  1. Site Work
  2. Batch Mixing Plant Equipment Installation
  3. Pre-Eng Building Erection

Phase Two Construction: Potential 2018 Start Date

  1. Pre-Eng Building Shop
  2. Steel Office Building
  3. Site Work & Landscaping

Border City Concrete has some new features that we are working closely with the owner and our design team to ensure we meet all operation requirements. With two giant 200 tons silo’s towering over the area we needed to have some massive concrete piles deep into the ground to be to handle the required loads to support them when full. Two center piles out of 10 that are required measuring 4′-0″ in diameter and 52′-0″ deep. Extra safety precautions were needed to be made to ensure everyone’s safety when drilling and placing these massive piles.