Craftex Company Health & Safety

The personal health and safety of each employee and subcontracted employee of Craftex Builders is of primary importance. In the effort to aid in reducing and/or eliminating injury on the job site, first priority is to cease all work until the situation is safe and secure before continuing with work.

Craftex goal is maintain a health and safety program that works along with the provincial guidelines and in conjunction with the ‘Occupational Health & Safety Act (OH&S).’ To ensure health and safety standards are maintained, ALL employees have to:

Working together in a cooperative effort is essential to maintaining a safe and secure working environment for all parties involved. Craftex goal is zero accidents and/or injuries and by following our Health and Safety Program we are confident in the ability to obtain such goal.

Craftex Builders is proud to have achieved a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ or ‘COR’ from the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) for the development and implementation of our Health & Safety Program. The COR program enables Craftex to bid on a large number of project within the province.

What is COR?

The COR program is a proven way for employers to improve their health and safety performance, create a culture of proactive workplace health and safety, and reduce the risk and costs associated with workplace incidents. The components of a workplace health and safety management system will vary depending on the nature and scope of individual businesses, but the overall system elements will be consistent between all programs.

We are very pleased to have successfully completed our external safety audit to maintain our COR Safety status. Craftex Builders finished with a score of 97%. Craftex works hard to maintain a safe worksite for all employees and sub-contractors and we would like to thank all the superintendents, employees and sub-trades who helped contribute to this accomplishment.