New Construction

With our extensive industry knowledge and experience we work with our client to assist in making informed decisions in choosing the most appropriate method of construction to use on their projects. As with ALL our project we ensure we work with  local construction community first and foremost. The only way to build a strong community is to keep it local.

Conventional Building Construction is a standard method used by the construction industry for majority of building projects. Conventional Building uses combustible (wood) or non-combustible (steel, concrete, masonry) construction used singly or in combination for the construction of building and core structure. Craftex has over 50 years utilizing this industry standard and we continue to this day working on a wide variety of projects ranging from educational, commercial and industrial using this standard practice. We have loyal and long standing relationships with many of our sub trades, giving us prompt and quality service, making it easier to deliver projects on time and on budget. We treat all our employees and subcontractors equally and fairly, expecting the same in return. From this loyalty, our clients will benefit and it creates positive environment and experience for all.